Dheet is a hindi word which characterise a person who performs his actions even in unheavenly conditions, not learning from his past actions which may or may not have harmed him, just to fulffill his apetite for a particlar thing which obviosuly involves taking risks.
Dheet Trekkers is a group of such awesome people. We breath fresh air of mountains, spend most of your time riding, trekking, and talking something ridiculous in the Himalayas.


Planner of all the Treks. Can't match his speed up the hill. Loves to go solo. Covered most of the Uttarakhand on foot. Lives on tea and maggi.


Always ready with his Pulsar 180.If you ride with him, check for his level of jokes on the way. Warning: some may go over head


The tallest of all, says "I started as a tourist and want to end up as a traveller".

Question Man

Dajyu petrol kahan milega. Mutton shop wale se - bhaiya rehne ke liye kamra kahan milega.

Dr. Weed

Brings the glamour to all our treks.
Can have a faaltu discussion all the time.


The dheet of all dheets. Get crazy on the treks. Cannot match his level of excitement


Loves the freshness of mountains. Junior of all and always ready for adventure.

Major Khandi

The Iron Man. Maintains the discipline.


Mechanical Engineer with practical skills in hand and a long beard.


Never been up to higher altitude until last off road trip to spiti valley. Became sick of AMS but you cannot say that on seeing the photographs.